Fernando garcia

Fernando Garcia

Web Developer & Designer

Sketch Book - Fernando Garcia

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

Design and web development require a constant curiosity and effort until finding the best solution. Since 2001, I have built my experience working as a consultant for companies and nonprofit organizations from North to South America. My work process involves three main steps that have helped me to solve different design problems.


The challenge of every project is to match the usability with the look and feel the targeted pubic is expecting. A good research goes beyond the original targeted subculture, it embraces the colliding economical, political, religious and pop influence as well.


Technology and software evolve really fast, learning how new techniques works has to be a daily exercise to take advantage of the tools we use to deliver messages. Being a new plug-in, a photography technique, or simply test an app is a great way to explore our world and learn quickly.


Prototyping requires to test viable solutions, with as many scenarios possible. In any kind of project your ideas have to be tested: In a new UI design, a catalogue layout creation or the re-branding of an existing service being able to quickly sketch the ideas will lead to match the required solution.


Marketing, visual identity, design, and development strategy. Designium’s work approach is focused on the proper use of the technology available to improve the quality of services of the companies or individuals design needs.

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+1 438-3917614 / MONTREAL, CANADA
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